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To make sourcing simple and profitable for our clients.


Sourcing Wing - Partner


We work for “FREE” for our "partners" unless business contract is signed and order is placed between our partner buyer and suppliers

We can be your Marketing, Sales, Sourcing and Business Development team for FREE

This is because we believe that our work can be considered done only when new business is generated for our partners. Annual registration fee of $500 for supplier apply in first year of contract. 2nd year and onwards to be discussed and decided based on our work done. (Initial registration fee may also be discussed depending to financial situation of each country)


Until then, we support every step of business investigation without any payment.


Our motto is to “sell the high-quality product” with the “right price”.

We respect and understand the Unique Selling Proposition of each products before we sign partnership with suppliers. 

By communicating and investigating closely with our partners around the world, we find the right market to sell each product. 

Process of acquiring new product and market information cab be long. It can be few months to a year or longer process just to receive market response. By using Sourcingwing, direct market feedback can be given within a month utilizing partnership around the world.

Thus, its is both COST and TIME saving! 


Become a Sourcing Wing - Partner

Sourcingwing is a “wing” for our partner suppliers and distributors to fly with new business opportunities.

Sourcingwing Worldwide Partners

Benefits of Partnering with Sourcingwing

1)One stop Solution to contact multiple international companies, seller or buyer

      (Bahrain, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria, Qatar,

       Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Uzbekistan)

2)Multilanguage capability: English, German, Hindi, Japanese, Russian

3)Increase of opportunities to sell/buy products by incoming information of new products/market

4)Fast initial market feedback utilizing existing channel of partners.

5)One window for new product inquiry (or even low-cost project of existing product)

6)Customer or Supplier Management