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To make sourcing simple and profitable for our clients.


about us

SourcingWing - Company Profile

“Sourcingwing was established in 2021. We started this company because we understood that Finding "right Sales channels" or "Unique Suppliers" are very difficult and extremely time taking task for companies. ”

So, we decided to become a BUSINESS MATCHMAKER

Are you looking for new sales channel? or new and unique products?  

In many year of our experience in Sales and Sourcing, we noticed that there are many “unique” and “high quality” products around the world but many of them are unknown outside of its local market due to limited resource or knowhow to sell internationally.

Our job is to support such companies with our established connections around the world and markets to find the right partner in right market with least expenditure to both suppliers or buyers.

We currently are partnering with suppliers and manufacturers from 7 countries, 14 companies, and distributors from 19 countries, 28 companies, who are leading distributors in several industries such as retail, hospitality, aviation and automotive industries.

We also have strong connections with various different Chemical manufacturing partners.

Our PASSION(Mission Statement)

“to make sourcing simple and profitable for our clients”

Sourcingwing is a “wing” for our partner suppliers and distributors to fly with new business opportunities.
We work for “free” for distributors unless a company proceed with purchasing product. This is because we believe that our work can be considered done only when new business is started. Until then, we support every step of business investigation without any payment. Our motto is to “sell the high quality product” with “right price”.

We don’t have a single product which is only about pricing. We respect and understand the Unique Selling Proposition of each products. By communicating and investigating closely with our partners around the world, we find the right distributor in right market.

Most importantly, we pride our job and work with PASSION to support peoples needs.

Management Body

Ratna Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from Nagpur University, India with Bachelors of Engineering, Acquired certification from Oxford University, UK of Digital Marketing Disruptive Strategy Program, Product Sourcing & Digital Marketing Director, Asia Region & Middle East at Spazio Goods Wholesalers

Akhilesh Kumar

Senior Adviser

Graduated from AC College of Technology, India with Masters in Chemical Engineering, Senior Executive Officer at Toyo Engineering, Japan, Vice President at Kuniumi Associates, Japan

Takayoshi Watanabe

New Product Sourcing Adviser

Graduated from National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College in Industrial chemistry,   Manager Development Dept. at Hitachi Chemical, Japan,   General Manager Showa Denko Materials Techno Service, Japan

Business Model

Business is direct business between seller and buyer.
Sourcingwing will NOT be in the middle for the cash and product transaction.
We will support in every process until product arrives in the hand of buyer.
Sourcingwing will take commission from buyer every Purchase Order.